Friday, November 30, 2007

something new ...

Above: these are two of my friends from school: Amy (left) and Tahara (right).

So I've recently observed how long my arms are.  I've never really noticed it before ... every time I go to tae kwon do and train there is a huge wall-length mirror and more and more I'm slowly realizing just how truly long my arms are.  Honestly if I let them hang down my side I can nearly touch my knees, only short by 6 inches or so.  I think I might be an ape ... knuckles dragging on the ground and all.  Perhaps I am the missing link.  Weird I know.  

And another thing ... everyday I take a shower and after my shower I clean my ears out with a Q-tip.  Every day there is something in there.  What's the deal with that?  Back home I would only clean them out once or twice a week and there would hardly be anything in there ... now everyday I'm pulling some goop out ... maybe I should start making candles to sell back home to supplement my income.      

hope you are well wherever you are today!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

on fall and death ...

now that fall is pretty much coming to a close ... all of the beautiful leaves have fallen off the trees and there are only a few remainders of the season left ... I thought I would share my thoughts on the beauty of it and just what I've been thinking about in light of this truly being my "first" fall in such a vast and different place from what I'm used to.

I have to ask the question why is it that that when leaves die, they are so beautiful ... it's almost as if the landmarks of nature ... trees ... are bidding farewell before the coming winter and biting cold that comes with it. I've never seen such amazing and striking colors as I've seen as during the fall. The crispness of the air is sometimes painful to my lungs but the clarity at which we can view things around us is all together amazing. I wonder in these thoughts of what this means to us when in just one year, for myself and for my family, we have experienced so much loss and victory in the short time of a few months. I see the death I see in nature as a thing of beauty, I do not believe many people can dispute this. We love to go to places where the leaves change color and simply gaze at it; it's the beauty in this that captures our attention and holds it for the entire season. But I cannot say the same for death in human terms. Most of the time I feel as if it is anything but beautiful ... rather more painful, gripping, heart wrenching, sorrow-filled, and other terms that describe this event that happens to us all. Even trying to look for the signs in nature while looking forward ... the coming winter is filled with cold air and the trees are seemingly dead ... but then after the winter and the death comes new life. It seems that even nature itself bears witness to the life that comes after death is one of beauty and joy and comfort even.

My family this year we have seen many go into that death but I've found that in witnessing nature perform its natural course and the hope that comes after the cold, dark night of our souls ... these are the things that make fall and winter and finally spring beautiful. We have seen giants in our lives pass and we have seen new life born with George Allen Randall.

So I say these things not to depress but hopefully to encourage. And after all these are just my thoughts on what I've been thinking about over the last few months during my time here.  

I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving back home.  I had some very delicious duck with some friends and went hiking this weekend on a beautiful island on the southern coast of Korea.  Truly I've found this land beautiful.  Sometimes it reminds me of the Appalachians around Tennessee or Kentucky and other times it's totally foreign to me.  The island we were on was how I pictured Ireland ... I've have to post them soon for you to see.  But ones at the top are from the hiking trip I took two weeks ago near the very end of the leaves falling off the trees.  

Take care where ever you are!

Monday, November 5, 2007


sorry I haven't been able to post in a while ... I've tried to but the connection keeps crapping out ... but now it seems for the moment I'm back. It seems the blog site won't let me post photos right now so maybe later with some good Halloween shots.

Things here are about as normal as they can be. Fall is in fully swing and it's rather cold out for me. I'm getting used to it however; I've bought some warm clothes and some gear for when I'm riding my bike all around town. I've still got a few more things to get but for now I'm pretty well set with warmth and some relative security from the cold chill of the fall air.

Ok, hope all is well with you because all is well with me. I'll write more soon when I have more time.