Sunday, December 30, 2007



I'm very sporadic with my postings and if I said I will try to post more I would probably be lying ... haha.  Things have been great here.  It's snowing quite heavily here in Daejeon, which is odd ... it seems everyone felt it only snows, "a little" but I'm looking out there and it's coming down pretty heavy ... but then again I'm from Florida so my perspective is off a bit.  

Just got back from a week in Thailand.  An interesting place is a great way to describe it.  We first went to Bangkok for about two days before our flight into Phuket (poo-ket) ... a times the country reminded me of my travels in India or of Mexico as well.  Bangkok is of course a highly modernized city with some interesting sites to see.  While there we visited the largest street market I've ever seen where all things from soap to shoes to puppies were all sold by hundreds possibly even thousands of vendors.  I bought only a couple of things, Reef sandals for about 4 dollars, a shirt for a buck 50 ... everything was cheap.  Later on in the trip in Phuket I bought two Polo shirts for $2.50 each ... I know you can't find that deal anywhere.  They are probably rejects from a factory somewhere or simply not real at all.  

I will be writing more about the trip in the coming days.  There are many stories to tell and thoughts to share about all that I saw and witnessed.  So for now I'll leave you with the photos at the top ... this was a one day trip we went on for sightseeing of beautiful islands and snorkeling, as you can see, in some of the most crystal clear water I've ever seen.  If I were to ever go back to Thailand, I would simply make it a diving trip and spent all my time on the islands.  They are truly beautiful.  We even went to the same island where "The Beach" was filmed.  There ... that'll leave you intrigued for a while.  I hope your holidays have been good.  


Saturday, December 1, 2007

a flood ...

just after I posted my last ... well ... post.  I was catching up on some grading I had been neglecting and set my foot down in just the right spot on my floor to hear the soft squish of my sandal catching the incoming tide into my room.  Confused as always these days I look over my shoulder to see my laundry room overflowing ... yeah what fun!  So what do I do?  I jump into action and start throwing towels on the floor ... in no particular order to do any good really just throwing ... I even started taking my clothes off and throwing them at the laps of water getting closer and closer to meaningful stuff.  

Long story shortened ... and many towels later ... I now have a slightly cleaner floor than I did this morning ... and I held back the tide ... and I finished grading my papers too ... all on a otherwise lazy Saturday.  No picture for this ... nothing exciting to look at really.  I think we've all seen what water looks like on the floor.  And no, even my sweet camera skills can't make that look special.  On another note ... the Korean word for camera still sounds like camera ... so there you go, I teaching you Korean now!  Exciting.  Take care!