Thursday, July 17, 2008

aerial view

This is the view from my veranda looking in ... first the living room to the kitchen and then the bedroom near the front door.  Scroll down for better pics!
This is my living room area.  You can't see the magical orange leather couch that was donated by some friends of mine here in Daejeon.  

Looking to the right out of my veranda.  The massive buildings on the left are government buildings and a nice giant park which they are currently renovating.  
Here is my desk and book cases.  You can just picture me sitting there blogging away to you people can't you?
Here is a good shot from my veranda in my new apartment.  Amazing.  Although if you look directly at the bottom of the picture above you can see a rotting carcass of a construction project that halted due to unknown reasons.  Apparently this little square as been festering for some time.  But you must look beyond the nasty to the pretty city and mountain views past it.  
Here's to the left ... the big building is a mega-church where I go on Sundays.  

Saturday, July 12, 2008

no A/C!

so for the most part my move is largely over with ... I now have a much bigger and spacious place closer to the sun ... it's rather strange being in here though, I got used to my cubbie of an apartment all too much over the last 11 months.  

Now I find myself at an ... interesting realization of my personality ... I don't have A/C for at least a few days maybe a week or more and rather than embracing how much of the world lives their daily lives I've been crying like a 27 year old baby.  I laugh at myself but also am rather shocked at my sudden exposure of an addition-like love affair with a simple machine that cools the air.  Did that just rhyme?  Amazing.  So while you fat cats are sitting in your climate controlled rooms enjoying the comfortable balance of your natural body temp to the degree of the room you are in ... I am sweating like a gorilla ... literally like a gorilla people!  And complaining about it too!  

I'll post some pictures in a day or so ... apparently in the move I lost my computer charger so I have to conserve power.  

Friday, July 11, 2008

once again moving ...

here we are once again I find myself moving ... this time not across the Earth but rather down the street and up 14 stories into a much nicer abode for my time in Korea.  I've begun the process of packing up my stuff again ... the term "on the move" would greatly characterize my life since college I would say.

I cannot believe the things I've accumulated over the last 11.5 months ... actually I can.  Now looking at my bags stuffed with various items I realize a great deal of it is sweaters and winter type clothing which I was sorely lacking upon arriving in a place with all 4 season instead of the 1.5 seasons of steamy Florida.  

I will post some pics of the new place once I get settled and having the place looking respectable.  Also the view is rather nice and I'll show you that as well and you'll probably wish you were here.  Muahahaha!

In other news, today I had to journey up to Seoul to get some paper work done to secure my visa and alien card for the next year of stay so I needed to visit the embassy.  The place is a fortress and we only occupied 1/50th of the place for all citizen requests and things of that nature.  Makes me curious I suppose ... lots of mystery and intrigue maybe?  Probably just paperwork and government workers in cubicles playing solitaire.  

Also, I come home in 2 weeks!  Hooray!  Fantastic!  Super-duper!  And other things you can scream.  I'm excited to get a vacation and see my family!  I hope they are excited too!  I'm sure they are, how could they not be? ha!  If you are one of those people, I can't wait to see you!