Thursday, July 17, 2008

aerial view

This is the view from my veranda looking in ... first the living room to the kitchen and then the bedroom near the front door.  Scroll down for better pics!
This is my living room area.  You can't see the magical orange leather couch that was donated by some friends of mine here in Daejeon.  

Looking to the right out of my veranda.  The massive buildings on the left are government buildings and a nice giant park which they are currently renovating.  
Here is my desk and book cases.  You can just picture me sitting there blogging away to you people can't you?
Here is a good shot from my veranda in my new apartment.  Amazing.  Although if you look directly at the bottom of the picture above you can see a rotting carcass of a construction project that halted due to unknown reasons.  Apparently this little square as been festering for some time.  But you must look beyond the nasty to the pretty city and mountain views past it.  
Here's to the left ... the big building is a mega-church where I go on Sundays.  


matt and ashley said...

Beautiful views, John! :)

RobbieRob said...

dude, i want to visit that place!

steve and randel hambrick said...

HUGE upgrade! now get some warm paint on those walls--- quick!